Counselling And Mediation

Counselling and Mediation

All families at some time experience difficulties and stress. Family disputes can be about almost anything. Some of the most common topics in mediation & Conciliation on Family Disputes are:

  • Disputes among Husband and wife
  • Children’s education, health and welfare
  • Contact with children (separated couples or extended families)
  • Financial support for children (separated couples)
  • Lack of trust
  • Parenting differences
  • Disputes while partition including Property settlement
  • Disputes on taking care of parents
  • Relationship breakdown etc..

Issue like residence decisions, distribution of care giving responsibilities, safety and health concerns, wills and estates, the sale of the family home and more can divide a family for years to come.

When communication is difficult and critical decisions are put on hold, families may need the help of a skilled mediator & Conciliator to get them “unstuck” so they can move forward. In mediation and conciliation, people deal with the problems and issues under dispute in a timely fashion and in privacy. It is a cooperative rather than an adversarial process, so participants are often able to repair their strained relationships. Because family members develop their own solutions, which reflect their family’s unique satisfaction with the outcome is quite high and these resolutions tend to the workable and long lasting.

A simple, relatively inexpensive from of dispute resolution by communication is ‘mediation’. It is a way to resolve differences with the help of an independent, unbiased mediator usually a lawyer or mental health professional by giving an opportunity to teach their own solution by the parties to the dispute. The firm provides with expert panel of mediators apart from the senior advocate, Nidhi Banga.